Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On But The Rent – Gwen Guthrie (1986)

Pentax Digital Camera

Boiling Point / Polydor POSP 807

 This takes me back to the days of going to Birmingham’s nightclubs, Boogies, Edwards No 7’s/No 8’s, and The Powerhouse. Of course they all changed their names over the years. This track used to pack the dance floor. The ladies would converge together dancing around their hand bags pointing to us blokes during the lyrics “You’d better have a J.O.B. if you want to be with me” In those days I wasn’t frightened to edge myself onto the dance floor. I was no John Travolta, but I knew how to move.

Gwen was born in Okemah, Oklahoma but was raised in New Jersey, USA. In the early 1970’s she was part of a couple of groups, but her career took off singing backup vocals on an Aretha Franklin track “I’m In Love” in 1974. She also was an accomplished song writer and played the piano. Guthrie wrote for several soul / R&B artists such as Sister Sledge, Roberta Flack and Ben E. King. She died in 1998 aged only 48.


     Picture Sleeve for the single

This funky soul track written and produced by Guthrie was released in the summer of 1986. It reached #5 and stayed in the UK charts for 12 weeks. It was her only top 10 hit in the UK despite having another five top 100 appearances. The track however made #1 in both the R&B and Dance charts in the US and #42 in the pop charts. It was also #1 in New Zealand.


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