Turn Back The Clock – Johnny Hates Jazz (1987)

              Virgin Records VS 1017

Johnny Hates Jazz were an English pop band, formed in London in 1985 by Clark Datchler (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Mike Nocito (bass, guitar), and Calvin Hayes (keyboards, drums). In their short chart career they were producing good solid pop music with tracks like “Shattered Dreams” and “I don’t want to be a hero” which both achieved international status.

Picture sleeve for single


I believe it doesn’t matter if the days back in the 80’s were better or not, I’d actually like to go back for just one day. I’d tell my young self you’re going to turn out fine. Wouldn’t it have been great to know then, what I know in life now? The opening lyrics of this track, sums everything up for me.

“Another day is ended and I still can’t sleep, remembering my yesterdays, I begin to weep, if I could have it over, live my life again, I wouldn’t change a single day. I wish I could turn back the clock, bring the wheels of time to stop, back to the days, when life was so much better”

Brit winning female vocalist Kim Wilde did backing vocals on the song. “Turn Back The Clock “, was released towards the end of 1987 and reached #12 and charted in the UK for 11 weeks. They also found success in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and New Zealand.


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