Just A Boy – Leo Sayer (1974)

just a front

Warner Brothers Records BS 2836

Leo Sayer is an English singer songwriter born in Shoreham-by-Sea, ussex in 1948. It is recorded that he was discovered by David Courtney who co-managed him along with British Singer / Actor Adam Faith. Faith had several successful hit singles and 4 albums during the early 1960’s.

just a boy back

The Back Cover

Just A Boy was Sayers second album released 9 months after his duet album Silverbird reached #2 in the UK in early 1974. Sayers style on this record I would describe as very quirky but with a hint of blues and reminds me that when you hear his voice there is a unique quality to it. Only two singles were released from it however most of Sayers singles in his career made the top 10 in the UK. The singles released were One Man Band UK #6 and Long Tall Glasses UK #4 US #9

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Side 1

Side one opens with “Telepath” where the vocals have a strange rasping vibrato style to it. “Train” opens in a soft ballad style but goes into a pop chorus. “Bells of St Marys” is a piano lead and is my favourite track of side 1. Its laid back soft blues where you can pick out the bass and percussion. This is followed by the single “One Man Band”. The final track is “In My Life” a soulful and bluesy vocal due to organ and electric guitar backing.

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Side 2

Side two opens with “When I came Home This Morning” where his vocal is both sensitive and powerful. A move to country for the second single off the album “Long Tall Glasses”. This is followed by “Another Time” where his vocal rasps in places. Track 4 is “Solo” again his vocal is stamped all over this. The the album finishes with the title track “Giving It All Away” where the title of the album “Just A Boy” forms part of the lyrics. A fantastic classic track, a ballad with emotion and again piano lead.

All songs were written by Leo Sayer and David Courtney. Production by David Courtney and Adam Faith.

The album made it to #4 in the UK charting for 14 weeks and also was a major hit in the US reaching #16.
My copy is actually the US pressing on Warner Brothers. I bought the album in a bargain bin in “Lewis’” Birmingham. The record shop has long gone, but would say I got it in the very early 1980’s


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