The Bump – Kenny (1974)

RAK Records RAK 186
In the 1950’s and 1960’s some singles became associated with dance crazes such as the Twist, The Stroll, The Mashed Potato and The Madison. The 1970’s had The Bump, two dancers lightly hitting each other on the hips on alternate beats.
This bubblegum pop song was typical of the time and latched onto the young teen market. Kenny were a band originally called Chuff who’s change of name came about when an artist called Kenny had a UK hit single with writers Martin and Coulter, who then returned to his native Ireland just as the song became a hit. The writers used the name with the group in order to carry on with a series of successful chart hits.
The vocals on this record were not credited to the actual vocal artist at the time. They were performed by Barry Palmer. The single reached a peak of #3 and held down a chart spot for 15 weeks. This was a minor hit in Germany reaching #19.  The B side is “Forget the Janes, the Jeans and the Might Have Beens”, a more straight forward middle of the road pop song. The Bump was a B-side for the Scottish teen bopper group of the day The Bay City Rollers, a favourite with my younger sister.
Barry went onto to write and record solo material and collaborate with Mike Oldfield. He performed live with several bands and still active in 2012 releasing a new album.
This is another recent purchase from The Diskery (late 2014) for 50p. I came about this by accident and was reminded of the track having been played at a fund raising 70’s disco I had recently attended . It’s still a good party tune after 40 years which always gets everyone up dancing.

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