Prime Time – The Tubes (1979)

A & M Records AMS 7423

A small amount of my collection during the late 70’s contains some coloured vinyl singles. One such single is Prime Time by The Tubes. This is taken from their fourth album “Remote Control” described as a concept album exploring the influence of television. This track peaked at #34 on UK chart in its sixth week of a 10 week run. In their native USA this single did not chart.

Band Members of The Tubes at the time of recording;

  • Fee Waybill – vocals
  • Bill Spooner – guitar, vocals
  • Michael Cotten – synthesizer
  • Prairie Prince – drums
  • Roger Steen – guitar, vocals
  • Re Styles – vocals
  • Vince Welnick – keyboards
  • Rick Anderson – bass
Picture sleeve for “Prime Time” A parody of the 70’s TV show “Celebrity Squares” which was hosted by the king of game show hosts Bob Monkhouse in the UK

Produced and Engineered by Todd Rundgren a Pennsylvania, USA, multi instrumental musician, writer and vocalist. He worked on albums for such artists as Daryl Hall and John Oates, Meatloaf, Badfinger and the New York Dolls.

Originally they were formed from two bands in Pheonix and Scotsdale Arizona, USA who then moved to San Francisco, California in 1969.

Their break through was in 1975 with a self titled album having signed to Herb Alpert’s record label A & M records. 1979 when this single was released they were coming to the end of their time at A&M and went onto to record for Capitol Records.      

Live performances have been the main drive of the band and are known for very creative full production numbers which include other performers and artists. Often they allude to Mainstream and B-Movies, television and pop culture and therefore very costly gigs to put on. Much of the music covers an array of genres.


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