Doctor! Doctor! (12″ Extended Version)- The Thompson Twins (1984)

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Arista Records TWINS 123

This is the first 12″ single that I’m featuring in my blog. Re-mixes or extended versions were often produced and played in nightclubs. I sometimes favoured the long versions of singles over the standard radio 7″ single. 

Doctor! Doctor! is a synth pop song performed by the band called the Thompson Twins. The name was taken from the names of the detectives Thomson and Thompson in the comic strip “The adventures of Tintin”. There were several incarnations of the band with a variety of members, but the most successful

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Sleeve for 12″version of Doctor! Doctor!

and best known were from 1982 to 1986 – Tom Bailey – guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals (1977–1993) , Alannah Currie – drums, percussion, vocals (1981–1993) and Joe Leeway – congas, percussion, keyboards, vocals (1981–1986).

The 7″ single version was the 4th of five top ten hits which reached #3 in a 12 week run on the UK charts, with combined sales of over 250,000 copies earned the band silver disc status. The track was taken from their album “Into The Gap” which sold over 5 million copies worldwide. At the time they had already had three #1 tracks on the US Billboard Dance chart. This reached #18 on the US dance chart but just missed out on the top ten Billboard pop chart (hot 100) peaking at #11. It also peaked at #11 in Germany and Switzerland.

The 12″ version has a prominent synthesizer solo intro of 2 minutes before the vocals actually kick in with rendition of the chorus, then the first verse and follows the pattern of the 7″ version, until a synth drum and percussion instrumental break at 5mins that lasts for 50 secs, then it mixes into 7″ single’s instrumental bridge, followed by another chorus and verse repeat to fade. 

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B-side is an edited alternative instrumental version of Doctor! Doctor!

The B-side is called Nurse Shark, it lasts 4:05 and is probably the most unusual way of filling a B-side. It’s actually the instrumental backing track of the A-side but a slower/slowed down version, almost an experimental way of trying out the sounds in a different way. The Bass guitar is a clearly featured instrument as well as the synth drum, cymbals, keyboards and various percussion sounds.




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