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You Baby – John Holt (1975)

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Trojan Records TR 7953

I came across this record by chance at a record store whilst looking for something else circa 1976. The store in question was Reddington’s Rare Records, Birmingham. The song itself had come to my attention the year before on a school field trip. We were stopping over night and someone had bought a portable player and some records as evening entertainment. This stood out as it was in the reggae genre, also I picked up on the lyrics.

“You know I’ve been wanting you my whole life through
and now that I’m your guy, I’m gonna live my life for only you
Baby, now you are gonna know, all the things I plan to thrill you, so
you’re gonna see, that I save all the love in me,
just for…

You Baby single housed in a replacement cardboard sleeve

You baby (only you), You baby (only you), You baby (only you), You baby,
only you, oh, oh, only you……

Could have made me wait this long, wanting your kiss,
but now you’re really mine, I’ll make up for the time you made us miss
Baby, now that’s all right, I’m gonna hug you and kiss you every night.

You’re gonna see, there’s a lifetime of love in me just for…”

B-Side Open The Door

The words seemed appropriate to me as a 14 year old lad in 1975 who had a crush on a girl. I remember feeling great because at last she seemed interested in me. The song stuck in my mind so when I found this used copy I didn’t want to lose the opportunity of having it. Although John Holt is a prolific song writer, “You Baby” is a cover version originally recorded by The Ronettes in 1964, written by Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil and Phil Spector. Holt’s version failed to chart in the UK. It was taken from his 1973 album “1000 volts of Holt”

The B side is a self penned song called “Open The Door”, full of brass and strings which is easy on the ear. Both sides of this single have an air of quality. Arranged by Brian Rogers and produced by Tony Ashfield.